So, : Personalized Search : What is it? A Personalized Search Assistant? A Browser or Browser ADD ON, a Search Service? Is it A.I.? Is it an APP, Program or Website? Does it work on all my Internet accessing Devices? and is it accessible when I'm not online? Is it secure? Can it bake a cake? Is it multilingual? Does it speak slang? Does it learn? Can it do my homework?

PersonalizedSearch.Com 3/15/15

25 years ago people and businesses started flocking to the Internet to avoid the high monthly costs of Traditional Advertising. The Yellow Page Ads and local Newspaper Ads would cost you an arm and a leg each month, sometimes costing you as much or more than the rent you paid on your building.

Today being found is almost as expensive if you rely on paid placement in the major Search Engines. You either have to pay for Ads or Pay for Search Engine Optimization to place high enough in the ranking to be visible. If you can't make it to the 1st or 2nd page of results chances are you won't be found simply because people rarely look beyond the 2nd page of results, and there are usually 100's of thousands of pages of results. So in order to be found you pay for placement in sponsored listings or you buy Adwords Ads those Ads on the right hand side of results pages.

If you use Internet Explorer Windows 8, Chrome, Firefox or Safari and use Bing Yahoo or Google, and are using any of the Major Internet providers to access the Internet, chances are every move you make online is tracked by either the ISP, the Browser you use or the pages you visit, or all of them and every Ad provider that is in place on the pages you visit.

Tired of being tracked and waiting for 10-30 Ad services to finish loading their cookie tracks every time you open a page?

Tired of having to scan every Ad and Natural results link on a Search Results page to see if it is something you shouldn't click?

How far down the rabbit hole are you willing to go to avoid using an internet that is throwing 20-30 Ads per page at you?

FACT - Internet users spend more time looking to see if a link is a: Real Link, Link bait, or just an Ad disguised as Content than they usually do visiting the site they actually end up visiting because where they end up is more often than not, not providing them with what they were looking for instead they end up on a page designed to look like content generated by an Ad company to look more like content than an Ad. These so called "Native Ads" are those phony Articles that look like they are Content (at first glance) but which are just Ads disguised as Content. You see these Native Ads on Every major Home page in their rotating Stories feeds and every Major Social network like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and all music and video sites like YouTube. It's hard to avoid, damn near impossible.

If you are like me and most people you HATE Ads, you try with all your might, to avoid clicking them, and Advertising Companies and Browsers, literally, live off of your mistaken accidental clicks.

We spend more thought energy and time, trying not to click something, or to not hover over text based Ads (those highlighted words that aren't links to other pages that pop up a box with an Ad in it based on the word). is dedicated to putting an end to you having to suffer through viewing all the "Content Marketing" Ads, masquerading as Relevant Search Engine Results.